Empirical Study on Cyber Crime

Author(s): Tarun Kumar

Page(s): 1-4

Published in: International Journal of Emerging Engineering Technologies

A throughout review must be done while considering the approach of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Cyber security by an organization. So its implementation must affect the organization in a positive way. Big Data is a new channel in the leading computer industry that is being monitors by both kinds of field members one having positive and another having negative perspective of this enhancing technology that is growing rapidly with the time span and bring new challenges in the cyber security environment. Enlistment of some aspects of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in cyber security.

Big Data, Cyber threats, Risk, Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Kumar T, “Empirical Study on Cyber Crime” , International Journal on Emerging Engineering Technologies, Volume 1, Issue 1,June 2020.pp 1 -4.