Artificially Intelligent Robotics: A Survey

Author(s): Kirtana Parvathy Page(s): 16-21 Published in: International Journal of Emerging Engineering Technologies

The world is rapidly moving towards the automation. When the word automation is used then our mind turns towards the Artificial Intelligent and Robots, but AI without Robots and Robots without AI does not fulfill the requirement of automation, then after merging these technologies Artificially Intelligent Robots were developed. This article gives the overall view of Artificially Intelligent Robotics. It especially focused on functionality and components of Artificially Intelligent Robotics and how it changes the life of humankind. In today‟s society, it’s used is limited, but as the world moving towards automation in next few year it is used in almost every area.

Artificial Intelligent, Robotics, Robots, Machine learning, Computer vision, Artificial neural networks.

Parvathy K, “Artificially Intelligent Robotics: A Survey” , International Journal on Emerging Engineering Technologies, Volume 1, Issue 1, June 2020. pp 16-21