A Survey On Swarm Intelligence

Author(s): Ramesh Patil Page(s): 7-11 Published in: International Journal of Emerging Engineering Technologies

Swarm Intelligence is a branch of Artificial Intelligence which deals with a consolidated measure of different groups that act upon a complex problem. Swarm here refers to groups of (insects) bees, ants, termites and flock of birds etc. This intelligence has been inspired by the behaviour of these swarms i.e. how efficiently and effectively they can do tasks as a group which are difficult for an individual insect to perform. It has been used in various fields of computer science for obtaining an optimized solution of a complex problem. In this paper, we are giving a brief on swarm intelligence concept followed by various algorithms that are based on this concept.

Swarm intelligence, PSO: particle swarm optimization, ACO: ant colony optimization.

 Patil R, “A Survey On Swarm Intelligence” , International Journal on Emerging Engineering Technologies, Volume 1, Issue 1,June 2020.pp 7 -11